Jennifer Forssander Psychotherapy


Picture of a wood and waterfall by Jennifer Forssander Psychotherapy Photo by PJ Clark copyright

Psychotherapy, known as The Talking Cure, involves the meeting, though not necessaily agreeing, of two hearts and minds. While the ultimate purpose of this process is to enable you to live a fuller and more meaningful life, the process itself will give you an opportunity to revisit all the obstacles currently standing in the way of that goal.

How can Psychotherapy work for you?

It is generally acknowledged that the relationship between therapist and patient is the main determinant of change, and although it may seem strange at the beginning to confide in someone you don’t know, much of the work will focus on your being able to talk about your experiences, good and bad.

My job is to listen to you in a way that you have possibly not experienced before, and to make connections that may at first seem unfamiliar, but nonetheless make sense.

My experience working therapeutically with people of all cultural and spiritual backgrounds is extensive. I haven’t generally found age to be a bar to engaging in the kind of dialogue I offer.

While unbearable degrees of anxiety, anger, grief and depression are often what bring people into therapy, the context of these feelings is just as important. It may be that we’ll find patterns that are blocking your creativity and potential, or you may be involved in personal or professional relationships that are making you unhappy. I also see people who need empathic support and understanding in order to recover from the impact of illness, accidents or some other traumatic event.

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